Solent Fuchsia Club Committee Members

Dot Waters

Dot Waters


Dot became a Vice President in 2005 and was elected as President at the Club’s A.G.M. on 6th November 2007.

She was one of the original seven founder members of Solent Fuchsia Club. Indeed, the Club has since progressed under her expertise and enthusiasm. Dot was also a regular member of the committee for a great number of years before finally retiring to start her life as Mrs Waters. She still dedicates a considerable amount of her time to the Club and has exhibited many incredible quality full baskets at our Annual Shows. Let's hope she manages to display one of her Show stopper baskets at this year's event. But we believe her true forte, and she has huge amounts of knowledge in the fuchsia world, are the Species.

Andy Daws

Andy Daws


Who is this handsome fella I hear you ask? Without going in too fine a detail, Andy was one of the first members to join the Solent Fuchsia Club when it started in 1973.

He was Vice-Chairman 1979-1980, Chairman 1980-1985, Show Manager 1979-1980 and has been one of our Vice-Presidents since 1985.

He is a well known figure in the 'fuchsia world' and Solent Fuchsia Club have invited him as a guest speaker on numerous occasions.

Jon Bennett


Jon is a well established member of Solent Fuchsia Club.

His knowledge on fuchsias and his expertise on general horticulture is exceptional. He has been a member of the Club’s representative quiz team on numerous occasions, and very successfully too.

Jayne McBride

Jayne McBride

Vice Chairperson

A more than energetic personality that finds nothing too great a challenge. She has been the Publicity Representative for many years and in 2003 was rightly voted as Solent Fuchsia Club's Vice Chairperson.

Mary Knight

Mary Knight


Except for the short period 2000–2001, Mary has held the position of Treasurer at Solent Fuchsia Club since 1980. During this time she has kept control of the Club’s finances with amazing professionalism.

She was voted the Clubs’ Chairperson in 2003, a position she held with high regard until handing over the title at the 2011 A.G.M.

A very dedicated individual and pleasant with it.

Doreen Baker


Doreen can always be relied on, whatever the situation.

We look forward to the inclusion of her as our elected Secretary.

Eddie Gander

Eddie Gander

Plant Sales

Eddie has been in charge of selling plants at our Annual Shows for countless years after the late Vic Restall handed over the reigns. He can also be relied upon to bring his stock of goods to sell at any of our monthly meetings for the benefit of the members who happen to wander to his Sales Table. So far he has managed to raise quite an amount of money that has subsidized our Club funds.

George Baker

Committee Member

George regularly volunteers to give a helping hand whenever any assistance is required.

We are positive he will be a welcome addition to the committee.