There are approximately 100 known species, somewhere in the region of 106 – 107 to be more precise. Perhaps as many as 70 are in cultivation today, with quite a few not included in the list below.

There is only one species (F.cyrtrandroides) from Tahiti, three from New Zealand and the rest from South and Central America. They vary in height from over 30 feet (10m) to the creeping prostrate variety.

F. procumbens have small tubular flowers with no petals. The hardiest varieties come from the mountains of Magellan in Chile.

Many species have acclimatised in this country, particularly F. magellanica. From this plant came F. Riccartonii which now grows in profusion as hedges in the West Country and the west coast of Scotland. They are evident by the masses of brilliant rich red and purple flowers.

The first crosses between species were during the 1820s. The cross pollination between F. cocconea, F. magellanica and F. arborescens were probably responsible for the first cultivars produced.

Very few species are grown at Kew, Wisley, Eden and a majority of the large gardens today - with the possible exception of Logan in Scotland.

The most comprehensive collection by far with over 60 species is with Jack and Joan Lamb in Yorkshire who hold the N.C.C.P.G. national collection.

For anyone who is interested, the B.F.S. has a Special Interest Group (S.I.G.) which covers species, hybridisation and pre 1914 cultivars. Their meetings are held three times a year on Sundays at Lilbourne near Rugby. With fewer and fewer specialist nurseries, this Group is the best source of national species plants and cuttings as well as pre 1914 cultivars.

The meeting dates for 2015 are 17th May and 18th October. Anyone wanting further information on species or about the B.F.S. S.I.G., please send an and your request will be forwarded to Ric Reilly.

Information supplied by Ric Reilly

Species, Including Sub Species & Variants

F.alpestris F.ampliata F.andrei
F.apetala F.arborescens F.ayavacensis
F.boliviana var. alba F.boliviana F.bracelinae
F.brevilobis F.campii F.campos-portoi
F.cinerea F.coccinea F.cordifolia
F.crassistipula F.cyrtrandroides F.decidua
F.decussata F.denticulata F.dependens
F.excorticata F.fulgens F.fulgens var. goselli
F.fulgens var. rubra grandi F.fulgens var. gesneriana F.fulgens var. michoacans
F.fulgens var. minuata F.furfuracea F.gehrigeri
F.glazioviana F.hartwegii F.hatschbachii
F.inflata F.insignis F.jimenezii
F.juntasensis F.lehmannii F.loxensis
F.lycioides F.macrophylla F.macrostigma
F.magdalenae F.magellanica F.magellanica var. comber
F.magellanica var. discolor F.magellanica var. macrostema F.magellanica var. molinae
F.magellanica var. tricolor F.magellanica var. versicol F.magellanica var. aurea
F.magellanica var. aurea v  F.magellanica var. conica F.magellanica var. globosa
F.magellanica var. gracili F.magellanica var. longipe F.magellanica var. myrtifo
F.magellanica var. pumilla F.magellanica var. sharpit F.magellanica var. thompso
F.mathewsii F.nigricans F.orientalis
F.pachyrrhiza F.pallescens F.paniculata
F.paniculata ssp mixensis F.perscandens F.petiolaris
F.pilaloensis F.pringsheimii F.procumbens
F.procumbens var. wirral F.putumayensis F.regia
F.regia ssp regia F.regia ssp reitzii F.regia ssp serrae
F.sanctae-rosae F.scabriuscula F.sessilifolia
F.simplicicaulis F.splendens F.splendens var. cordifolia
F.steyermarkii F.sylvatica F.tilletiana
F.triphylla F.vargasiana F.venusta
F.verrucosa F.vulcanica F.wurdackii