Transporting Fuchsia Plants Safely

There may come a time when it will be necessary to transport your fuchsia plants, to a show for example. To do this without subjecting them to any unnecessary damage can sometimes be a problem.

One method to retain the treasured cargo in an upright position whilst being transported is to cast a concrete block with a tapered hole in the centre to accommodate the pot containing the plant.

Transport block & flower pot

A block 9” x 9” x 3” (229mm x 229mm x 77mm) is ideal for a flower pot up to 6” diameter (154mm).

Manufacture a substantial wooden frame (including a base) with the internal measurements for the size of the block.

Place an old plastic flower pot, the same size as the pot containing the plant you wish to transport, in the centre of the frame. To hold the pot steady, fill it with some form of a weight (e.g. stones or broken bricks).

Gently pour in the prepared concrete mix (recommended ratio, by volume, of five parts sea shingle to one part cement with a suitable amount of water) around the pot and ensure there isn’t any air trapped in it by gently tapping the sides of the wooden frame.

Leaving the plastic pot in situ, trowel the concrete level with the top of the frame and allow it to set. When the concrete has hardened, carefully remove the plastic pot and undo the screws to loosen two sides of the frame. This will allow the block to be removed a little easier.

Before using the stabilizing block, glue a piece of thin soft material around the circumference of the tapered hole to prevent the rough finish of the concrete scratching the pot containing the plant.