Triphylla Fuchsias

Picture of triphylla fuchsia

Without going into any complicated details, a triphylla is usually recognizable because it has a longer tube than the more commonly cultivated type of fuchsia.

The name triphylla basically means three leaved. Tri meaning three and phyllon is Greek for leaf, hence this type of fuchsia has leaves in sets of three at each set of nodes instead of only two as found normally on the basic cultivar.

All the triphyllas are derived from the sub tropical regions, so they will require extra attention during the colder weather.

A majority are the result of crosses between the species F. triphylla, F. fulgens, F. corymbiflora or F. splendens.

A minimum temperature of 5°C (41°F) will be ideal to protect them when over wintering.

The green foliage with its dark veining is very attractive. The corolla is generally a lot smaller than the ordinary cultivars.

Triphyllas with their blooms borne in terminal clusters are very floriferous. The plants are usually upright and grow to a considerable size which make them suitable for displaying in pots outside during the summer months. An ideal spot would be on the patio because most of them are more sun tolerant and they will withstand much higher temperatures than other varieties of fuchsias. The feeding and watering programme for pot grown triphyllas is similar to that of the ordinary cultivars. Triphyllas also make ideal bedding plants where they will produce an additional splash of colour. They must be lifted during the autumn and given winter protection. It shouldn’t matter a great deal to the person wishing to grow these gorgeous plants but not all the long tube fuchsias are classed as triphyllas. Because of previous cross breeding with other varieties, the resultant plants, although retaining the long tube and flower appearance of tripyllas, are now known as triphylla variants.

Plants entered in triphylla classes in Solent Fuchsia Club shows must be on this list of show bench triphllyas. Any plants not on this list can be entered in the singles or unusual cultivar classes.

Triphyllas And Their Variants

Adinda Andenken an Heinrich Henkel Bessie Kimberley
Billy Green Bornemann’s Beste Boy Marc
Brian C. Morrison Brian Kimberley Brighton Belle
Chantry Park Christmas Gem Coralle
Edwin J. Goulding Elfriede Ott Fabian Franck
Firecracker Fred Swales Fuchsiarama 91
Fulpila Gartenmeister Bonstedt Georg Bornemann
Golden Arrow Grand Duchess Greta
Göttingen Heinrich Heinkel Insulinde
Jackqueline John Maynard Scales Koralle
Koralle Sport Lee Anthony Len Bielby
Leverhulme Leverkusen Lilo Vogt
Mandi Mandi Oxtoby Mantilla
Mary Mike Oxtoby Monica Dare
Obergärtner Koch Orient Express Our Ted
Peter Crooks Pipers Vale Professor Henkel
Roger de Cooker Roos Breytenbach Schönbrunner Schuljubiäum
Sophie Clare Sparky Stella Ann
Taco Thalia Timlin Brened
Timothy Titus Traudchen Bonstedt Trumpeter
Tubular Bells