Solent Fuchsia & Flower Club

The classes for 2019 are confirmed as per below. All pots are to be placed in suitable saucers.

Only one entry per class

Class Pot Size
Hanging Pot Max 8"
Novice Max 7"
Any Cultivar Max 3½"
Any Cultivar Max 5"
Any Cultivar Max 6"
Species Max 9"
Encliandra Max 6"
Ornamental Foliage Max 6"
Special Training (includes standard, bonsai, fans) Max 6"
Triphylla Max 9"
Novelty Max 12" square
Chase Cutting (Distributed Cutting)
2 or more different
Max 10"

Two entries per class

Class Pot Size / Description
Dahlia 1 cut bloom, any variety
Rose (hybrid T) 1 cut bloom
One Cut Stem
(Single or multi headed)
Mixed Planting Max 10"
Foliage Pot Plant Max 6"
Flowering Pot Plant Max 6"
Orchid Plant Appropriate Container
5 Seasonal Flowering Stems Own Vase
Cacti / Succulent Max 5"